The last year has been a bumpy ride for the stock market. A drop in prices was inevitable in my opinion after all the FOMO buying. Many stocks prices have leveled off to their pre-pandemic values. Many companies still riding the wave of buying are splitting the stock to keep the momentum and make the stock more affordable for buyers.

The Russia/Ukraine conflict is hurting the markets. Oil and gas are anyone’s guess at this point. Automotive prices are up but so are expenses as many automakers are pouring money into EV projects. Tech is booming but it’s mostly the same big players which are all very expensive currently except for Facebook.

Crypto is all over the road and there have been a lot of breaches. Coinbase seems very strong lately and is due for a nice price bump in my opinion. I can see Coinbase becoming the major player in crypto next to Binance. Already is?? The health of both companies is essential to the future of crypto in my opinion. Did anyone watch the documentary about the Quadriga guy?

Robinhood is really low and even though they are having trouble I still think they are a prime acquisition target for several players. I wonder how much money is owed to Robinhood from margin trading. In theory if everyone paid their debts then that should be a healthy profit. I predicted in the past that Robinhood would be trading in the $70’s by now. I can still see them reaching $25 within a year.

I really like Walmart , Target , Amazon , Apple , and Google . Very strong brands all with multiple revenue streams. Walmart seems to be the only company without major fluctuation over the last year or 2. Do they simply have a different type of investor? I own some Walmart (very little). Honestly, I go there weekly to shop and I have absolutely no worries that Walmart will have trouble. Target is way better online but Walmart has been catching up this past year.

Unilever seems to be filling the isle more and more lately. I could see UL creating more high-end products and becoming a huge money making in the next 2 to 3 years. I also like their dividend.

Lots of competition in the drink space. Such a hard market. People always want something new AND the same thing as before.
Coke , Pepsi , and others companies really have keep up with the consumer and spend a lot of money to find out what people don’t want. It was all about flavor, then health, then energy, and lately it’s infusing things in or combining drinks. Kind of crazy. Pepsi is more well rounded than
Coke but they both have a strong hold over most consumers.
Coke and Pepsi are both buy and hold forever stocks.