Face masks are the new standard and don’t seem to be going away any time soon. Many small companies selling on Shopify and Etsy are taking advantage of this new opportunity but the big players have arrived and brought their money and long experience with them.

Walmart sells a 5-pack of Hanes face masks for $7.50 while many online stores sell 1 mask for $8 or more. People still want to look cool, be trendy, and stay safe. Slapping a favorite logo on a mask has made many people disregard the safety side of why people wear masks but there has only been minimal data published about which masks are safe and at what levels.

As an investor there are several options to choose from. 3M , Hanes , Nike , Etsy , Under Armour, and Shopify are all good picks.

The best investment overall in my opinion are companies that already have wide distribution and manufacturing ability and are simply adding masks to their sales lineup. These types of companies are able to gain a new market and revenue stream while other areas of their business may be weakened. If other areas of the company are strong then adding masks will further their market share and provide a revenue boost. My vote is for Nike and Etsy.

Etsy and Shopify get to gain everything without the risk of building mask inventory and worrying about manufacturing. Nike is already providing clothing for many people, has a worldwide network, and a brand everyone knows.

Even though the article began with mentioning great deals on masks from Hanes I don’t believe they have as much to gain unless they can offer more custom masks with colors, known logos, and more.