Who Will Buy Peloton?

Please submit your vote below. Poll will close at end of 2022 or earlier if a sale is announced.

So many ways this could go. Most companies below want consumers to use their products and further their grasp over another part of you. I’m not sure what Peloton has in place for an advertising network or if their model is solely based on different workout subscriptions. Ads and/or another way to put out content is valuable for most companies below.

Unlike many opinions I do not think Nike , Lululemon , or Adidas will buy Peloton . The companies are too different to fit together.

I feel Peloton is most valuable in parts – machines, content, advertising, transactional fees.  My vote has yet to be submitted. Digging into the subsidiaries of all the companies below may help my decision.  I’m not sure any company below really wants to deal with the machines. Maybe Apple or Amazon has some ideas for the machines.

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