January 2021 Newsletter

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Picks as of January 6, 2021

Airlines.  If you can handle the pressure then invest in the top airlines.  Check out United Airlines , Jet Blue Airlines , and Delta Airlines (in that order).  These stocks are very cheap right now and are prime to recover as the world becomes vaccinated. 

Oil.  Another hard hit stock ready for a comeback.  These stocks could be short term or long term plays.  Most of the big players in this space offer a strong dividend.  Check out Chevron , Shell , BP , and Exxon Mobil Corporation .  

Options. Oil options are extremely cheap.  Buying call options for 6 to 12 months out that are in the money or close to in the money are likely smart plays.

Thinking Ahead about EV.  It’s all about EV, Tesla, battery power, going green, becoming renewable these days.  Well, there are many articles about how much electric power is really needed when there is a full migration to electric cars.  It’s a huge amount.  I feel like the big electric companies could double or triple in revenue over the next 5 years.  Many of these companies are great dividend stocks.  Check out Eversource , NextEra Energy , and Dominion Energy .

Thinking Ahead about 5G.  Another hot topic is 5G.  Check out AT&T , Verizon Communications , and T-Mobile .  There is a bidding war over rights and billions of dollars involved.  Will 5G be a revenue point for these companies?  No one seems to ask that question.  How long before people figure out how to get 5G on an older phone – likely just a matter of time like everything else.      


Overall, Stellan Investments has done well over the last year.  Beginning with investing in large known companies and recently becoming more interested in options.  Specifically, call options make the most sense to me.  Not sure if options are just a pandemic phase or not.  Time will tell. 

Gains of Note for 2020

Ticker Company Name Type Gains
Bally's Corporation Bally’s Corporation Stock 221% gain
Discover Financial Services DFS Stock 253% gain
AT&T Inc. AT&T Options 750% gain
Shell plc Royal Dutch Shell (A) Options 550% gain
Cenovus Energy Inc. Cenovus Energy Options 300% gain

Stocks mentioned in this newsletter

Ticker Company Name Price * Thoughts Keep For
Tesla, Inc. Tesla $755.98 No  
Exxon Mobil Corporation Exxon Mobil $44.61 Consider 1m-1y
Chevron Corporation Chevron $89.80 Buy 1m-1y
BP p.l.c. BP $23.42 Buy 1m-1y
Shell plc Royal Dutch Shell (A) $40.29 Consider 1m-1y
Shell plc Royal Dutch Shell (B) $38.74 Consider 1m-1y
Cenovus Energy Inc. Cenovus Energy $6.70 Consider 1m-6y
United Airlines Holdings, Inc. United Airlines $43.54 Buy 3m-1y
JetBlue Airways Corporation JetBlue Airways Corp $14.57 Buy 3m-1y
Delta Air Lines, Inc. Delta Airlines $40.38 Consider 3m-1y
Eversource Energy Eversource Energy $89.13 Buy life
NextEra Energy, Inc. NextEra Energy $78.43 Consider 3m-5y
Dominion Energy, Inc. Dominion Energy $74.56 Consider 3m-5y
AT&T Inc. AT&T $29.83 Buy, Div life
Verizon Communications Inc. Verizon Communications $59.29 Buy, Div + Growth life
T-Mobile US, Inc. T-Mobile $131.53 Pass  
Bally's Corporation Bally’s Corporation $49.63 Consider 1y-3y

* as of Jan 7, 2021

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